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Holistic Health Practitioner and Counselor

Jane Ely, D. Min., offers services in Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology. She is trained in Energy Medicine for hands-on-healing and long distance work, Spiritual and Therapeutic Counseling, Grief Counseling, Personal Growth, and Life Transitions. In private practice since 1986 with 30+ years experience, she also includes Dream Work, Peacemaking Skills, Conflict Resolution and skillful tools in support of transformational life changes.

About Dr. Jane Ely

Coming Into Balance

‘A Guide for Activating Your True Potential’ is alive with creative graphics and practices to engage us as we move through positive change toward awakened freedom.
French edition available!

Remembering the Ancestral Soul

Provides a variety of perspectives from different cultures to truly understand the impact soul loss can have on every aspect of our lives, as well as invaluable solutions.

Turtle Island Album

An American Indian “creation” bedtime story with Hemi-Sync® sleep enhancement frequencies. The narrative teaches children the importance of honoring Mother Earth and all of her creatures.

Podcast Collection

Each 20-30 minute podcast has introductory teaching that outlines the intention and how the practice can benefit you. Dr. Jane Ely leads you through each practice by guiding the meditation or healing practice.

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

Healing is a play between client, practitioner, spiritual longing, and the Great Mystery. The healing process opens us to deeper spiritual awareness, lasting personal insights, and positive change. In short, it opens us to live a fully engaged, transformative life.

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What Clients & Colleagues have said…

Jane is deeply – almost magically – intuitive and perceptive.

Jane is the real deal; a powerful, positive, energy healer. She is deeply, almost magically intuitive and perceptive… She has a very clear sense of her soul’s path, and she has been instrumental in helping me to recognize and support my own soul’s purpose and path. She is a gifted Barbara Brennan energy healer, and also super smart about the science of the body and how to heal it from a practical and western medicine modality. She is warm and funny and joyful, and a delight to work with… She is an excellent healer and a wise teacher.

Kristin C., Art Conservation, MN.

I will forever be in gratitude for all the teachings that Jane has brought forward.

My first class with Dr. Jane Ely was in 2010.  Her teachings enabled me to traverse these chaotic times in a positive and healing way. I learned and am still learning to heal myself and others who seek my help. I will forever be in gratitude for all the teachings that Jane has brought forward. Mahalo nui loa, Na’au ho’omaika’I (a grateful heart).

Pat Nitta, Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii

My very first session with her was deeply transformative.

Jane has been an integral part of my healing on many deep levels for several years. My very first session with her was deeply transformative, I felt seen and understood in a way I had never experienced before. Each session thereafter brought me closer to myself and through her support and her work, I was able to make changes in my life that I had been working toward for years. I value Jane and her gifts so much, she is wise beyond lifetimes! She even managed to make me laugh while traversing some of the most challenging changes.

Jean L., D.O.M., Santa Fe, NM

Jane is authentic and a woman of deep wisdom and extraordinary clarity.

I met Jane over two years ago. I was immediately struck by the peacefulness that she exudes; it was extremely comforting. Jane has helped me on my path to healing and she has also been my mentor and teacher. She is authentic and she is a woman of deep wisdom and extraordinary clarity. I am very grateful to her.

K. Bailey, Halifax, Canada

She is a friend, mentor, and elder that I love.

I have known Jane for 20 years, and have worked with her firstly as a student, later becoming a teaching apprentice and then a teacher of her work. With Jane’s permission, I adapted my own classes and practices through these teachings and techniques. She also opened the gate of my ancestral lineage and encouraged me to explore all parts of my spiritual heritage. At present, I am working with Jane as she councils me through a process of grief, loss, and acceptance. I am a member of her Sacred Council Circle as we navigate the challenges of our world; seeking healing and change as individuals, in our society as well as, on a global scale. She is a friend, mentor, and elder that I love.

Lynne Patrice, Healing Practitioner/Astrologer, NJ

Her teachings have changed many aspects of my life.

Jane Ely is the person I want to walk the world with. I have studied with Jane since 1995. Her teachings have changed many aspects of my life. The tools for living a conscious life are invaluable. The paradigm and world view that Jane holds and shares is one that encompasses not only humanity but all of creation. It holds that we are in a relationship with ‘all that is’, and gives us tools for navigating those relationships. I have done vision fasts with Jane’s guidance in which my life has continued to evolve even years beyond the actual experience. I walk in the blessings I have received.

Vicki Gentler, VT.

During healing sessions, I could feel the stress leave.

Honest, authentic, skilled, and loving – these are the words that come to mind when I think of Jane and the work that we have done together over the years, both in-person and long-distance. She has guided me to not only heal early traumas but also to find new skills and courage to change within myself. With Jane’s help, I rooted out a decaying foundation and replaced not only the foundation but also I found a new philosophy in my life. During healing sessions, I could feel the stress leave. I could feel my body realign. I could feel the energy being unclogged and flow freely. Each of these experiences gave me hope and courage to not only heal the parts of myself that were in need but also go forth with new energy, with a full heart and a soothed soul. It is her love and her loyalty that are the columns that fortified me as I rebuilt and moved forward.

Lin Daley, Angel Fire, NM
Instructor, Veterans Healing and Wellness Center

She is a true, dedicated, and wonderful teacher and healer.

I have known and worked with Jane for 18 Years. It is hard to describe the deep impact she has had on me and my life. If someone wants to know my favorite teacher – it is Jane. Her classes and teachings are amazing and so are her healings (in person and long-distance) – deep into the soul and transformational. She is a true, dedicated, and wonderful teacher and healer.

Sibylle Schroeder, N.J.
Barbara Brennan Healing Science Training Practitioner

Being with her has changed my life completely.

Dr. Ely has been my teacher, counselor, and mentor since we first met in 2003. Being with her has changed my life completely. Going through Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology for four years, followed by the Advanced Healer’s training for two more years gave me the skillful means to navigate these very intense times we are all experiencing. She has guided me so gently and profoundly through three Vision Quests. She has literally saved my life and I will always be deeply grateful to be in her circle.

Carol Hart, LMT, Kauai, HI.

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