Hawaii’s Inspiration: Humanity’s Journey to Wellness

The following articles were written by Dr. Jane Ely, and featured in the Hawaii Inspiration Journal. Tor read, simply click on the link, go to the table of content to find the article, and then scroll to the page where the article is located.

1. direct link to Issue 10 and article “The Four Paths of Peace” http://www.hawaiisinspiration.com/issue10-4paths/

1. direct link to Issue 24 and article “Parallel Truths: American Indian Spirituality and Buddhist Dharma” http://www.inspirationjournal.com/pdf/2007-03.pdf

2. direct link to Issue 37 (Sixth Anniversary Issue) and article “Creating a Pathway for Peace, One Brick at a Time” http://www.inspirationjournal.com/pdf/2009-3.pdf

3. direct link to Issue 39 and article “12th Kauai Pow Wow: Perpetuating Culture” http://www.inspirationjournal.com/pdf/2009-9.pdf

4. direct link to Issue 41 and article “Coming to Our Senses: 1 of 6” http://www.inspirationjournal.com/pdf/2010-1.pdf

5. direct link to Issue 42 and article “Coming to Our Senses: 2 of 6” http://www.inspirationjournal.com/pdf/2010-3.pdf

6. direct link to Issue 43 and article “Coming to our Senses: 3 of 6” http://www.inspirationjournal.com/pdf/2010-05.pdf

7. direct link to Issue 44 and article “Coming to our Senses: 4 of 6”

8. direct link to Issue 45 and article “In the Spirit of Lokahi: An Interview on the Work and World Vision of Dr. Maka’ala Yates” http://www.inspirationjournal.com/pdf/2010-10.pdf

9. direct link to Issue Summer 2012 and article “Practically Speaking: Our Relationship with 2012!”