Capacities and Potential

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Excerpt from Coming into Balance: A Guide for Activating Your True Potential, Jane Ely, D. Min.


From: Chapter Two: The Medicine Wheel of Life, pages 62-64


Section: | 7 | Capacities/Potential

We have the capacity to accept other realities – to respond to dreams,

visions, ideas, creativity and spiritual teachings. The non-material world is

an exploration into the unknown. We are part of the unknown, also termed

non-ordinary reality. It is available to us when we are open, connected and

in a relaxed state of conscious awareness. This is part of our potential.

“Transformation is an inside job”, a quote that is in the collective

consciousness now focuses on the inner work that we are all being called

to do. Transformation from the inside out is the capacity to reach our true

potential. We do this by developing spiritual capacities through engaging

in meditation, prayer, awe, wonderment, miracles, visions and dreaming.

Connecting to the support provided from the spirit world and from the

natural world are all pathways in this journey that open us to greater awareness.

The ability to ground spirituality in this reality is the balance we are

seeking between the outer physical world and the inner spiritual world.

Capacity is our ability to respond to the call to go inward. Capacity has

within it the sense of being flexible and open, of conscious choice based

upon Trust, Truth, Discernment and Faith. We need to understand and

accept that there are worlds and dimensions beyond our ken (our normal

understanding). In the spirit world there is a sense known as volition. Volition

means to take a step into the unknown, to fly, to make a decision to go

forward, not knowing the outcome. Anyone who makes the commitment

to change will be aided by the unseen forces of the spirit world. There are

guides, teachers, ancestors, mentors – all are allies that appear during times

of change, times of risk taking and transformation. These allies appear as

both friendly support and as challenge-teachers. An ally provides support

and insight along the path. A challenge-teacher may appear as a hard lesson,

a contrary person, an event or experience that changes the course of your

life. Once you commit to change, the entire unseen world is accessible to

you. You have protection each step of the way both in the physical world

and the spiritual world.

The only source of failure on a journey is falling asleep – going back into

the trance-state or defensive state (Mask) of the past and staying there. This

is known as a regression to the past but at any moment you also have the

incredible choice to wake up again, to continue the journey of transformation.

The ego-mind is no longer in charge when you commit to living your

true potential.


Skillful Means

Reflect upon your allies in the physical world and then upon whom you

may call upon in the spirit worlds for help and support. What are your spiritual


Begin to describe the gifts you have from within your being. Begin with

some opening questions: What gifts do I bring to my life and to the world?

For example: Am I naturally funny, or naturally compassionate to animals,

etc? Look at the natural capacities you bring into life as positive gifts.

Reflect upon a life larger than your personal world, a larger world in which

you are bringing your gifts. Often times we can see how we are giving to

our outer world before we sit to reflect upon our inner self. Natural capacities

are gifts we are born with. They are spiritual gifts we have brought forward

to this time so that we may learn, grow and evolve. Make a list of positive

ways you are connecting with your potential. Make this list as long as you can,

go into detail. Do this for several days. This is a list of your potential.

We are taking stock in this skillful means practice. The capacity for self-

reflection (inward connection and acknowledgment) allows your true

potential to come forward. Once you have completed your list take some

time to be grateful. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude!



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