Jane Ely, D. Min., Spiritual Healer Santa Fe, offers these services:

    • Individual and Couples Counseling,


    • Transpersonal Life Coaching,


    • Anxiety, Overwhelm and Stress Reduction,


    • Grief and Loss Counseling,


    • Soul Loss and Recovery,


    • Energy Balancing for Well Being,


    • Pre and Post Surgery Energy Balancing,


    • Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology,


Dr. Jane Ely, D. MIn., Spiritual Healer Santa Fe,  is trained in Psycho-Spiritual Counseling, Energy Medicine for hands on healing, grief counseling, and peacemaking skills. She has a professional, private practice New Mexico, USA. She teaches throughout North America on topics relating to spiritual awakening, conscious death and dying, and transformational life skills. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science and the University of Creation Spirituality founded by Matthew Fox, where she earned a Doctor of Ministry.


Healing is a play between client, practitioner, spiritual longing and the Great Mystery. A dynamic creative exploration~healing moves with each person’s readiness to enter into the wisdom process that goes beyond the mind and words. The healing process opens us to deeper spiritual awareness, lasting personal insights and positive change. In short, it opens us to live a fully engaged, transformative life. Dr. Jane Ely D. Min.