Graduates 2011

If anyone is looking for an energy healer, Dr. Jane Ely is the real deal. With the emphasis on energy medicine growing, people in need of healing may be looking for powerful energy workers, and Jane is one of the most powerful and effective.

Christopher Largent, Delaware, Co-author of The Paradigm Conspiracy,

I have studied with many well known teachers over the last century, yet Dr. Jane Ely has taken me to a new depth. She has integrity, strong boundaries and a loving heart. I would recommend her as a mentor, teacher, and energy healer to anyone wanting more out of their life.

Julie Rivers, Santa Fe, New Mexico,,

Jane Ely; spiritual counselor, mentor and teacher has provided me with the rock solid support that I personally needed to implement long, overdue changes. Due to Dr. Jane Ely’s clarity and guidance I was finally able to move forward into my life’s purpose and feel free in a way I have never before.

Mari: Ayurvedic practitioner, Nutritionist and Acupressure therapist

I met Jane seven years ago as I entered my 52nd year, knowing a new path was forming ahead of me. At that time my question was: “How is it that I may take up a journey down that unknown path?” Since then, Jane’s teachings opened a portal through which I gained access to the self-knowledge necessary to embark with courage on my evolving life path. Dr. Jane Ely’s patience and wisdom as a life coach have been a treasure of guidance to this stressed-out suburbanite. I am grateful that Spirit has led me to her.

Nancy Scott, New Jersey

When you work with Dr. Ely, you feel that you are in the presence of a friend, a spiritual counselor and a mentor. Her gentle laugh and smile welcome you in to an energetic, safe and relaxing space where you can heal and grow. I particularly enjoy her belief in the power of nature to return us to our strong core.

Laura Barzilai, Hawaii

I was very privileged to graduate from Dr. Jane Ely’s Peacemakers school in May 2005. Jane brings all her skill as a teacher, spiritual counselor & healer to her work. She introduced me to many ideas about who we are and what we can do as Women on our Mother Earth: to heal ourselves and bring spiritual healing to all. I matured and grew through my studies with Jane and the wonderful teachers she brought into our circle. My life changed by my association with Jane and I hope to study with her in the future. She is my beloved teacher.

Colleen Latsha, Pennsylvania, Past President Life Spectrums Conference,

Since working with Jane and her teachings, I have been able to work through many obstacles in my life and allow myself to just “surrender” and move with the natural flow of universe. As my spiritual counselor, Jane has aided me in recognizing my own self worth, which has allowed me to pursue my personal path and desires without fear of failure. Through energy healing, she has helped me find a way to forgive the unforgivable that lies within myself and therefore allows me to forgive others and begin my healing process. Learning from Jane has been life changing.

D. L. Cummings, New Mexico

Through the teachings and spiritual counseling of Jane Ely, I have become in heart a changed person in my values and what is important to me. Even though I have a very overwhelming and hectic job, I continue to stay true to who I am. Her teachings have taught me to value myself as a divine human being born with all the necessary wisdom to make a difference in the world. I will be forever grateful to God, universe and to mother earth Kauai that I have had Jane in my life.

Anonymous, Washington State

Walking with Jane Ely is a journey of Self Discovery through Integrity, Authenticity, and the Loving Heart. Teacher, Healer, Peacemaker … Facilitator of Ceremony, Vision Quest and Journey … Dream Companion … Story Teller .. are some of the roles I have experienced with Jane since 1998. Jane embodies the Beauty of the poetry she loves, the Creative Spirit of Inspiration, and the down-to-Earth everyday practicality of HumanBeingness. It’s a Blessing to Be with her. I am grateful for her Presence in my Life.

Karen Hoffman, Pennsylvania

I met Jane 13 years ago when she was leading a guided meditation and I knew then and there that I would work with this gifted healer and visionary. I first attended the Peacemaker School and then her four-year course, “Love, Light & Remembering”. Because of Jane’s teachings and philosophy, I now have the tools to navigate this world and to delve deeper into my own personal process which is continually unfolding. Jane has been my mentor and teacher through some very difficult times and I truly appreciate her in my life.

Karen Ebler, New Mexico