LongDistanceHealingDrElySantaFeWhat is Long Distance Healing?

We all have an innate ability to access the healer within. My work in Long Distance Healing Sessions is to connect deeply with your life path and what is going on for you in the present. I listen with deep concentration to your story and situation, and find the energetic threads and soul contracts that you have come into this life to live out, not only for your personal soul, but also for the larger soul life lessons of the planet.


How does Long Distance Healing work?

Simply stated:  We are all made up of energy and we are all connected.

All physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of every living thing have energy. Long Distance Work is a gentle transmission of energy by intentional, thoughtful focus to bring you into balance, harmony and healing.

Your personal, medical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues are addressed at the beginning of our Session. This guides the focus of our particular healing process. Healing the body, mind, emotions, and soul is not a formulaic procedure. Each person is different in regard to the healing process and timeline of events.

First Session requires clients to book a 1 1/2 hour Session; follow-up work as necessary.

Please call 505-780-5161 to set up a Long Distance Healing Session today! 


Long Distance Healing Testimonials

Working with Dr. Jane Ely, long distance…I can feel her presence and energy as if she is in the room with me.

Gail A., VA

The emotional charge surrounding the issue has been neutralized. Such powerful work!

Karen E., NM

Jane’s long distance healing work for me is very precious. I can tune into her and feel and track the healing in a special comfortable healing environment that I set up for myself at home. I feel very connected and relaxed. Check-in time at the end of our long distance healings are profound and in the days after the healing, amazing and practical results unfold. Jane has helped me with immediate physical issues, long held mental and emotional difficulties, and saw me through a personal crisis situation last year. I love Jane, have long admired her work, and have great confidence in her.


I have been receiving long distance healings from Dr. Jane Ely for more than 10 years now. The depth of her work creates space for me to grow my soul in ways I could not have imagined possible. It is deep, profound, and life altering.

Rosa Bergola