About The Energy Medicine And Ecopsychology Classes

We are living in increasingly complex and overwhelming times. Our world has many challenges environmentally and health-wise to name only two. We are a species out of balance. Our personal life lessons are also ramping up. Fear-based energy is prevalent globally. How do we respond to these challenges, these opportunities for growth and change? What skills and gifts can we bring forth at this time to support collective consciousness awakening (including our own).

We have reached an evolutionary time where humanity is learning how to take appropriate action in order to move towards a peace-based consciousness. We must learn how to bring our inner world of spirituality and healing to the outer world in grounded practical ways that have meaning, content and manifestation. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” In order to ‘be the change’ we must transform, and become self-aware, self-responsible human beings capable of manifesting our true potential. Gandhi also said, “It is true, we reap exactly what we sew.”

Over the past 17 plus years I have developed a healing training program that is based in deep transformational work and play. The essence of this workshop, is to gain insight and understanding on a human level so that we can evolve into powerful, clear activators of global change.

About the Classes

The classes I teach encourage deep, life sustaining change on a personal level to actively assist and support you to manifest your destiny and live a larger life. These classes are a call-to-action, to learn Skillful Means for healing the self and manifesting change on many levels, both in personal transformation, and for activating your life’s work and direction.

The classes are based primarily in universally recognized Wisdom Teachings, relating to Energy Medicine (also known as the human energy field), Ecopsychology and more generally, from personal life experiences. The term “Energy Medicine” is derived from the ancient indigenous traditions meaning to work with the body’s wisdom and its inherent ability to heal itself. I will be teaching some techniques that arise directly from the ancient tradition known as “the laying-on-of-hands.”

The word, “Ecopsychology” comes from ecology, the organic inter-relatedness of all living beings, and our relationship with our Mother the Earth. The root word “psycho” is the Greek word for the soul. We bring the experience of growing the soul into each teaching session.

This particular series that I am offering encompasses personal behavioral self-reflection exercises and we will also be exploring practices known as “mask work” for self-awareness, behavioral shift and growth. The result: Teachings in the development of Skillful Means that “grow the soul.”

Classes will focus on energy medicine dynamics and skills, the ecology of the soul, skills for personal transformation, meditation, vibrational healing, singing, body movement, ancestral wisdom traditions and history, philosophy, ethics, practice, and community building. The program builds upon each class study in content and energy. You must be able to commit to attend each class in order to progress to the next class. All class notes are provided. Readings will be a part of your homework between classes, as well as exercises that practice the techniques and skills we learn in class.

Classes are small, intimate, and support therapists, massage therapists, healers, health care practitioners, and anyone seeking to shift into deepening their life’s work and meaning. You will receive 25 CEU’s for Level I and a diploma after successful completion of all four levels.

Level 1 consists of 3-3 Day classes from 9 am.-3 pm. We will define future class dates according to everyone’s calendar during our first class together. Please remember to bring your calendars so that we can collectively decide on the frequency and pace of these trans-formative classes.

Total Tuition for Level 1: $2,471.00

Full Tuition is due at time of acceptance into the class.


Jane Ely, D. Min.

Taught via Teleseminar for the FIRST TIME!

Begins October 5th. INTERVIEWS ARE IN PROCESS. Don't delay.

Meet Your Instructor

Jane Ely, D. Min.