Distance Learning

Teleseminars are used to provide information, education and training to a group of people interested in a particular topic. Individuals can ask questions at intervals during the teleseminar, listen, take notes, learn and practice. If an individual misses the teleseminar, it can be accessed and replayed at a more convenient time.

First Series: Coming Into Balance: A Guide For Activating Your True Potential

This is a series of 12 classes, one and a half hour long teachings, $350.00 for the series, held every two weeks beginning May 4, 2018.

Based upon Dr. Jane Ely’s transformational book on personal healing, Coming into Balance: A Guide for Activating Your True Potential, the series supports each individual’s healing through clarifying self-awareness and practice as we go through the exercises. The author walks you through each section of the book, offering insights and reflection on the themes in each chapter. Questions and Answer time is part of each session. Homework assigned between sessions.

Series $350.00. Payable by PayPal or Check. Pre-Registration is Required.

Second Series: Meditation - For Those Who "Think" They Can't

In this series of 8 (one hour long each) meditation classes, you receive instruction and practice on quieting the mind, centering and grounding so that you feel balanced and clear. This series is excellent for individuals who have anxiety, stress and overwhelm in their lives. Question and Answer after practice is included. Begins: May 4, 2018, every two weeks for 8 sessions with practice homework assigned between sessions.

Series $250.00. Payable by PayPal or Check. Pre-Registration is Required

Third Series: The Human Energy Field—Learn to Clear and Strengthen Your Energy

In this 7-week series, you gain awareness, understanding and practical experience of the energy field which makes up all life upon the earth. We will explore and demystify the first seven levels of the human energy field and the chakra system. The meaning and placement of chakras in the human body. How to clear and strengthen your awareness; how you utilize your energy or habitually use your energy. We discuss negative stress, the energy of push and the use overuse of will versus healthy stress, positive flow and willingness. You will also understand how you metabolize energy. You gain understanding and learn to apply the principles of how your energy works and flows in your life on a daily basis. In each class, we practice clearing your energy field utilizing an activation and connection technique developed by Jane Ely, D. Min.

Begins: May 4, 2018, weekly for 7 sessions. Series $350.00. Payable by PayPal or Check. Pre-Registration is Required.

Meet Your Instructor

Jane Ely, D. Min.