Jane Ely—Healers Philosophy and Statement

I believe that we have entered a time of global and universal soul awakening. At this juncture, the human species is bridging a time when war, inequity, the misuse of power, and technology has taught us that the power-over paradigm does not work. Even though there is a pervasive energy of ‘devolution’ happening in our world, we need to find what has worked and what is positive in our human experience and bring the positive aspects of the paradigm forward into a new phase of consciousness. In every devolution, there is a creative arising—an evolution towards the light and towards positive outcomes. In short, this is a moment of ‘soulular’ evolution for our species. How will we choose to grow our collective Soul?

Change happens one soul at a time. Together, as shift takes place, a quantum energy is produced. This energy rolls forward with increasing light and consciousness, spreading and growing awareness until it becomes the natural environment in which we navigate. It starts with one soul committing to change and then moves forward, gaining momentum like a beautiful wave. The funny thing about saying you want to change is that you actually have to change in order for change to happen! This requires work, commitment and conscious development.

Inculcated into our DNA and also our mitochondria is over five thousand years of making war. Recently we are experiencing the invasion and removal of basic human rights and loss of privacy through misuse of technology and power from a hierarchy that believes in the bullying method of rule that benefits only a few at the cost of multitudes [also known as fascism and authoritarianism]. We have been ‘hard wired’ from birth into making war with our planet, by greedily overusing the resources of our earth, and by fostering hierarchical relationships with one another. It is obvious that being adversarial is not working. We are on a short time line in our evolutionary path.

As we are awakening, everything in our lives is up for re-calibration. This is a huge celebration!

How we choose to ‘stand for our rights’ must not be like going to war. Each person needs to be in good relationship within yourself, and then bring this out into our planet.  The Peacemaker Path is to connect with what makes ‘right relationship’ for the benefit of all species upon the planet. The task is to bring this across the bridge into the ‘vision we hold’ for the evolution of all beings. We must re-awaken our dreams—our visionary selves that think outside the box. When we dream collectively we can see other ways of living together in community and find healing behaviors that are sustainable. I believe we have this capacity to change and evolve, I believe we have the potential to thrive.

Join me in a positive tsunami of change. It begins with you and with me. Get—Coming into Balance: A Guide for Activating Your True Potential—begin NOW!

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