Long Distance Healing: Energy Medicine And Ecopsychology

What is Long Distance Healing?

Long distance or 'remote' healing is a form of energy transmission that is highly effective and has been practiced from ancient times to present. In today’s paradigm, the training for Energy Medicine has evolved into a more scientific and technical approach to support patients with specific symptoms and illnesses. However, the basic principles of energy medicine remain an indigenous healing practice, and are historically ancient.

Energy is transmitted with the powerful intention of love and healing for the highest and best good of the recipient—human, animal, home, region, planet, etc.

The energy field is a living bio-field that surrounds everything. All animate beings have changing, flowing energy fields. All inanimate things have energy fields as well. In quantum physics, the morphogenetic field [or energy field] is interconnected with all life with light. Light passes through and exists in all life upon this planet. Utilizing the transmission of light with intention creates change; opening pathways for healing, for shifting awareness, for realizations and insights.

Working directly with the human energy field, energy medicine moves blocked patterns in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. All energy medicine works with and through the multi-levels of the human condition. It is deeply internal work that helps and supports you to make behavioral and life-style changes that aid in your personal healing and transformation.

Long Distance Healing Session: What To Expect.......

*You send me a brief email describing your interest.

*We begin with a short interview to connect and ascertain how we need to focus our work together—whether or not this form of energy medicine is indicated for you. We make an appointment at the conclusion of our first contact.

* I send you an intake form which further serves to focus our work. You fill it out and send it back before your appointment.

*Each long-distance healing session is 90 minutes in length. In each appointment, we talk for about 20 minutes, then work long distance for up to an hour [60 minutes]. At the conclusion of the session we have a 10-minute feedback time to share information and healing insights.

You, as the patient are engaged in your healing transformation each step of the way. I work with the energy in your voice, perceptions I pick-up as we connect with each other, how you present yourself, your behavior and life patterns, your symptoms (acute and chronic). I carefully listen and witness the information that you share. I ask insight questions that often help you to understand what is transpiring at deeper levels of awareness. I also suggest how we will work with the human energy field in both acute phases in the healing process, as well as long-term phases or issues.

Some Examples Of Healing Sessions

Physical Conditions:

  • Anxiety, stress and tension and Panic Attacks
  • Insomnia
  • Pre- and Post-Surgery, all conditions. Energy Medicine decreases recovery time in nearly every situation by increasing the body’s natural healing ability.
  • Recuperating from accidents and physical trauma
  • Tinnitus (ear ringing), inner ear imbalance
  • Coping with Diabetes and chronic long-term illnesses
  • Menopause and hormonal changes
  • Immune System disorders such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia & others
  • The Aging Brain/ Flexibility and Brain Balancing
  • Brain balancing for head trauma and residual effects
  • Lyme’s Disease
  • Detoxification from cigarettes, alcohol & prescription drugs
  • Cancer patients undergoing treatments, also family support
  • Death and Dying: Consciously attending patient, family & self
  • Nutrition for optimum digestion and health
  • Circulation problems

Eco-Psychology Conditions:

  • Relationship dynamics, clarification and counseling for individuals and couples
  • Career changes, refocusing, sudden job loss
  • Anxiety, Overwhelm and Stress. PTSD.
  • Depression/Chemical and Emotional
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Grief Counseling
  • Soul Loss and Recovery
  • Divorce, Separation and Loss
  • Anger management
  • Clearing past relationships
  • Clearing past lives [past life regression]
  • Spiritual Counseling for soul growth and clarity
  • Life-style changes, moving, retiring, life-phase change
  • Energy Balancing for well-being, clarity and personal insight

Gem And Stone Elixir Formulas:

One aspect of my indigenous training has been to learn the combinations and healing effects that stones, gems and crystals have in elixir formula to support healing. Gems, stones and crystals are light bearers. They can and do provide immense shifts in consciousness and awareness as well as, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. I will often suggest a formula as we work together and build a healing relationship. The formula will be given to you so that you can continue working with it.

Frequency of Sessions

Energy medicine is concomitant—that means it builds in your energy field as you commit to your healing process.

Initially, I work with you so that you gain experience and have a foundation upon which to build. I prefer to work consistently and with intention, over time. I prefer this because I have witnessed lasting change and transformation with patients who commit to change through the work and through doing their personal work.

Each session is 90 minutes in length.

Cost Per Session

$180.00 USD. Add An Elixir Formula: $125.00 USD (Including Formula, The Elixir, Packaging And Postage)

Payment Method

Pre-Paid Via Paypal Or Check

Cancellation Policy

24-hour advance notice for emergency only. Notice must be given via email or voice-mail.

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